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Multi-purpose service robotics as operator business” (MURO) project studies new technologies and multi-purpose robot enabled services and business models. The scope of the project is on autonomous, mobile service robots that are used indoors or outdoors e.g. in last mile deliveries, maintenance, surveillance and customer service.

According to MURO vision, heterogeneous multi-purpose service robot fleets are in shared use among stakeholders operating in same building and customers purchase MURO aided services from MURO operators. As a result of the project, MURO companies create a common total offering combining new kinds of multi-purpose robots, related software solutions and services for international markets. Multiple new technological innovations will be created as a result of robot and software R&D.

MURO project is conducted in cooperation with the following companies: Avertas Robotics, GIM Robotics, K.Hartwall, KONE, Navitec Systems, Nokia, Solteq, Telia, Trombia Technologies and VTT.

MURO project is a two-year project (2021-2023). Total budget of the Business Finland funded co-innovation project is app. 4.9M€.

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