We Direct, Design & Develop Ideas
from Research to Innovation

Architect Tye Farrow speaking
at Health Design 2019


Directing Health Design Conferences

Together with Health, Design and Tech communities, we move towards a better future for human wellbeing.

With our research and technology clients, we Direct, Design and Develop impact in a local and global landscape.



We connect people and ideas. Building a better future with our clients.

Facilitating partnerships from research to innovation.

From project management to video features that educate and entertain, all the way to networking events that set the stage for public and private use of reason.


Understanding the details in a meaningful context.

We start by diagnosing client needs, then we design a range of applications.

From recruitment brochures to laboratory websites, and occasionally illustrating the future of brain stimulation. Good design is not just about the image. It's insights about what's to come next!


Tackling challenges from technical to the personal. We build websites and support tomorrow's change-makers.

Improving, iterating and integrating, we think hard about innovation.

Working closely with our research and technology clients, we think, shape and define what the future can be.

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